Saturday, January 20, 2007

Who will cry when you die?

Just yesterday, I met with an accident, or rather I met with a rash driving indica.What ensued was that I was lying on the divider, trapped under my bike.Looking up at a monster in steel,cherry red for effect hurtling toward me......Today I am writing this,needless to say that the bus driver didnt make history of me.But as I sat to write,aching in little known places....I think of what is and what could easily have been..........................
Who wil cry when you a title of a now famous novel....What is is that scares people about dying? The fact that no one knows what happens once you die ,or that you have to leave things you like and care for behind ?
Lying there I had none of the gut wrenching thoughts of family and friends, no famous life flashing by moments...nothing zilch. I dont think I thought of anything of great significance.Perhaps just that the bus would take my legs only luckily....since my head was up on the divider, remember? But no oscar winning last minute wishes,prayers..forgiveness etc....
So am I an emotional drift wood? No...I am quite attached to people and cry like a baby at movies..sniff sniff...! But why is it that no thought raced through my luckily helmet clad head that day?
Is this living in the present in its truest meaning? Maybe.....I figure maybe I just dont think of who will miss me,what they will do etc....The truth is anyway...they will all live right !Until of course it is their time to die!
Maybe this is not even something for me to ponder,it all seems very simple! I just dont think when I am about to be run over! hmmm...
The only answer I have been able to come up with is this....I am either not scared about leaving this behind,or maybe I havent really comprehended it..Either ways...I just am! well...for today anyhow!
So who will cry when I die....Hehe...I dunno