Saturday, July 18, 2009


I cry for those-
Who never knew you.
I cry for all that
You never saw.

I cry for myself
Who knew you so well.

I see you now,
As I saw you that day-
Cold,not breathing,unseeing-
And so Loved.

So loved, So missed
So dear.
A snowflake,
On the hottest day.

I see you now-
Raising a toast in heaven.

Forever ?

On each day
I miss you more
On a hot day
Your broad smile
On a rainy one-
An infectious laugh
A cold day brought
A grouchy grin.

With each passing hour,
I miss you more
I'm trying to stay still daddy
But the world I'm in,
It keeps taking me further away

I thought we were fighting together
Why did you let go Daddy?
Was it too painful to hold on?
I wish I had known..

I might have let you go too-
But now; I can't.