Saturday, October 26, 2013

Reel life... real life!

I was transported again.... just like that, without my precise permission.. on a whim I was transported.

I love films.. I love being caught up in a story that is not quite my own, but so close. I (sadistically), took to furiously reading the wiki entry on every movie I sat down to watch. How does it end? Does he survive? Who dies? Who gets the girl? Whose kingdom is lost? I needed to know. In part to satisfy our eternal quest for optimism, in part because I am just that much of a control freak. I thought that knowing the end would ruin the journey... would mar the dialogue, render it a shell of a story.

Quite the contrary - knowing the end does not preclude my being lost in the folds of the story. Not truly against my will, more without my knowing, I fall right into that altered space. Where only the story being told exists, only the characters have voice and their journey is mine. I cannot explain how films affect me. How real they seem, how screen joy fills my heart and bubbles over... and how a story's despair drags me with it.

Despite knowing everything I'm about to witness, I am amazed at how movies can affect me so. The ability of film to capture my attention, to take me along and for me to allow myself to be amidst the characters, and experience their story, shakes me alive!

It also gives me optimism, we all know that life will someday end. But despite knowing that, perhaps we can just enjoy the ride!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Lab song

If you're anything like me - grew up addicted to Friends and now a self-proclaimed lab rat... this song might hit the spot. Either that, or you'd have another reminder of how socially challenged I am - either ways it cannot change how I'm spending my weekend....

Cloning - required, but oh so loathed!

Here's a ( bad) twist to Phoebe's song from Friends

Original song -
I'm in the shower and i'm writing a song
stop me if you've heard it
My skin is soapy and my hair is wet
And Tegrin spelt backwards is Nirget

and lather ,rinse, repeat
and lather,rinse,repeat
as needed

Lab song....
I've been in lab for ten hours and I'm writing a song
Stop me if you've heard it,
I've forgotten how to blink, my eyes are red
GGATCC spelt backwards and BamHI will cut it.

Ligate, transform, screen
and ligate, transform, screen,
and ligate, transform, screen,
as needed.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Storm after the calm!

It has been a whole year since I dabbled last. I know some of you have enjoyed the peace- I know who you are, I will find you! I cannot help but write in spurts, my discipline to write (among other things) is dismal, but once a year is not never! Today I feel my age, I feel grown up. I am aware of how each experience has molded me, left its impression on me. I know I am not as carefree as I used to be - and I know how some things weigh on me. But, I feel less apologetic about who I am today, I am at peace with where I am (even though it is nowhere close to where I eventually want to be), I am content today. I value relationships more today, know my true friends and know myself. I did not think that peace was possible after losing dad, perhaps it isn't but a compromise, a realisation that life must and will meander forth. So with this new realisation forged, I walk on, forward and toward a new dawn.. I am back!

A breath.. too short

Another restless night,
Hopeless wondering,
Faithless musing;
And all for naught.

A broken dream,
Each painful day,
A shard of sparkling glass.

Vibrant colours dance together,
Each part a part of a whole,
So tightly woven, so strongly bound,
One gaping hole to haunt.

Each passing dawn,
Each weeping dusk,
Drags me forward,
But my spirit stayed with that day.

Walking on diamonds,
So lucky, so charmed,
But I walk alone.

A sunset beckons,
Dawn of a new decade,
I want to carry you on,
And I don't know how.