Sunday, April 06, 2008

A single tree
Alone it sways-
Its lacy branches,
Their own harmony.

A moist,cool breeze,
Found a friend,
A filigree'd leaf
To take along.

Radiant sunlight,
Its golden beam illumined
A path;
One leaf left , soon another.

Fall's miracle rode in-
On a magician's wand,
With a deft stroke,
Breathed fire into each leaf.

One frail leaf,
Drifted to the waving grass,
Its swaying soulmate,
Greeted a cold,grey river.

But one fought on,
Resolute and strong,
Tempted by-
No such petty call.

"My decided fate"
Preached the leaf,
And in this wordy interim,
Winter's cloak came riding in.

No moist breeze,
No fiery sun,
No radiant hues,
To soften the grey.

Powdery snow dusted the land,
A soft dove's blanket laid,
The last leaf fell to its bed-

Shilpa Iyer