Sunday, November 25, 2007

Little spoken words.....

As daylight fades-
A purple sky wraps the night,
Each twinkling star, a lullaby-
A tranquil crescent over to watch.

The first rays bring-
Life to new hues,
Fiery reds melt to honey yellows-
Fall rides in a beauty queen.

The cold grey stone,
Draped in colour now,
Ethereal and transient,
This season's song.

With the turn of the clock-
The flurries drift in,
And snuggled into a dove-like blanket,
Our own December.

Soon a monochrome
Will paint the land,
And in this hushed silence-
Souls will meet.


As water supports its solid's weight

A novice at life,
A yawning cherub;
Shook awake,rudely tossed-
Into an arena of snarling curs.

All around,
They snapped and cursed
Their teams drawn,
Battle lines laid.

Undecided spectators-
With arms folded
Neither help proffer
But aid in decay.

A blanket tossed-
Nae one of comfort-
Alas a coverlet
To hide the dead.

A chainsaw drawn;
To hack at the roots,
Slowly gnawing-
The heartwood weakens.

Little do they know
How deep beneath the surface,
An anchorage
Like an iceberg's best friend.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Principle of Dualism!

What is it about the state our mind is in that influences what our eye takes in?
Does that mean that the eye ,contrary to popular belief is subject to the fallacies of a human mind?
Seeing is believing; has never been as questionable to me as now!
Could it be that each phenomenon , has multiple shades draped over it and how far the eye can go depends on how much it wants to?

A cold lifeless moon,
A pale,shimmering orb
A blinding sun-
A radiant globe.

Rapidly vanishing green,
A carress of warmer hues
All around the falling leaves-
A carpet to greet my feet.

Weariness at the first rays
Promise of a new day.
Finality of the setting sun
A velvet sky and glittering stars.

A weighted burden,
The marvel of life
Cynical company
The warmth of a hand

Cold flurries of snow-
Each snowflake unique
Deafening sound of single step-

Shilpa Iyer

This is proof to me that the human mind lives and revels in its duality....the hurtful snicker raises it head , or a deep contentment and lasting peace.And all this to a single occurrence......Is the beauty of our highly accelerated evolution?A mind whose outcome we cannot control and whose moods play us, like puppeteer and marionette? Like Gepetto and Pinocchio ...only here with all strings attached!!!