Friday, July 22, 2011

Blues on a sunny day........

It has crept up on me again - and it will soon be time to move...However did I let this happen again. I swore; the last time would be just that - the last! Yet, here I am again...on the verge of disappearing from a circle that has grown to surround me, to keep me safe and smiling. Yes, and to keep me chattering away- and we all know what a tragedy that would be should it change!

I've been watching ( euphemism for being addicted to naturally), a TV show that among other things is about friendship, loyalty and protective spirit. I've meant to write this post for a good while now - however aforementioned TV show has had me caught up in its tangled arms. I have tried to scribble ( is it still called that when it involves spacebar and backspace?) out a few words every now and again - but with my most current distraction ruling the roost ( TV-wise anyhow), my writing is even worse than usual. And again as usual - I must ask y'alls indulgence here....

What does it mean to move away leave everything I love about this place behind? It saddens me ...I have met some amazing people here. They have, among other things helped me begin a process of self betterment. You know who you are...and your job is not even nearly half-done! Serious politics, geeky science, loud games of counterstrike..... now the silence will be unnerving. Hours spent decoding the mysteries of upcoming fall fashion..the hunt for that perfect pair of red sandals...A sip here and a stroke there..Masterpieces that now adorn all our walls (for explanation of that scroll to the bottom where I shall shamelessly flaunt my painting skills...NOT!). I have discovered something that both surprises and irks me - I might be able to handle being around children (naturally above a certain age, and with the option of being returned to parent as and when )...but still. Anyone who knows me...knows of me even , will know what this means. It has come from meeting and getting to know two wonderful kids- intelligent and so very well behaved. Amazingly..the sight of me doesn't make them quake or disappear either...the children these days are definitely tough! I'll miss the mid-morning phone calls to discuss work, lunch, the evening plans ( which everyone knows is not something I really bother about..plans? what plans?), those words that I am allowed a day ( 2000 isn't it?) spent on that phone call...but it makes me smile. From ugly fights, to leaky roofs, from a craving that's been fed to a secret spot to talk let my guard down and cry...This place....the people I have been lucky to know have made it more than home.

I am scared today - a new city beckons, a new place. A new start...a new worry - Am I too old to do this again? Will I fail ? Worse...what if I am not smart enough? Will I be that success story I've dreamt about for so many years? Will I make my family proud...will I make my daddy proud? Will I, once my daddy's girl? I am scared........

I am I move away. I am terrified to be leaving this place and all that is familiar. More than that, I am terrified I will lose all y'all. That I will lose the bonhomie I am now so used to, I will lose the comfort that has become familiar and the feeling of being around family even when mine is many miles away. I am terrified you will forget me...that distance will creep in and everything will change...I am terrified that I will have lost you.

But I have brought this upon group here...And it is my burden isn't it?
All I can ask is this.....Let me go....but don't; let me go........

Yes yes as promised here is Beaky....the psychedelic peacock....Something to take away from the gravity of this post. Nothing like a purple peacock now is there?

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Fluttering of a third eye...

Memories of a place called home,
Tarnished by a perplexing new address-
Love and warmth from this magical space
Has found its final resting place.

Tentative beginnings,
Virgin footsteps in the snow
Short-lived, erased by rain
New memories strewn like forgotten gold.

And in this whirlpool
One final decision-
To drop anchor
To watch it sink to a sandy floor.

As a dust cloud settles,
The dancing has left my feet.
I curl up to sleep,
My heart flutters unforced.

One eye fixed-
On an open suitcase.