Thursday, December 21, 2006


Each mortal succumbs to sleep,
And as the last eye shuts,
I come alive,
My duty calls.

Each dream they live,
I collect them all,
Each vision they yearn,
I note each one.

By and by, I float-
Tenderly picking each dream,
Along with its swirling mist,
Encased in Silver envelope.

Dreams that sustain our hope,
Dreams that we live for,
Dreams that we close our eyes for-
To live them through,each night.

I know them all,
I own each one,
Each at my mercy,
But safe in my arms.

I live through each one,
But altered,
So that each my come true-
I return them,to their dreamers.

Shilpa iyer
Someone is looking for me,
I can sense a soul,
Lost like my own,
Somewhere in this void.

I can hear the sounds-
I cant make out the words,
I can sense the pain,
And I can feel my tears.

Somone is calling-
Searching for me
I am rooted
I can't help.

I'm wandering apoplectic,
When smoke clouds my mind,
My eyes are burnt raw,
How can I look for you ?

I can hear a call,
A plea to revive death,
Perhaps its a spirit,
If so; I must move on.

Shilpa Iyer

Crossing Over

I can see the tendrils float,
I can sense them leave,
Through my fingers-
And onward.

I sit in on a morose crowd,
Talking of years afore,
And tears adorn those pretty faces
Shivering hands comfort others.

Beguilled of attention thus-
I place my hand over another
To offer solace,but;
As though my comfort means nothing.

And I rise before a mirror,
To see the wall behind my face-
And a hollow realisation dawns-
I am a soul among the living.

Helplessness smothers me,
The longing suffocates,
I wish well, I must take leave
I am an altered insider.

I must join my realm-
Where spirits float by,
Removed, unreachable,
Lonely but mute.

I'll surround myself,
WIth ghosts of friends-
I'll make a new life,
With tendrils of remains.

I'll linger occasionally;
In the land of mortals.

Shilpa Iyer

Rising above the crowd!

Humanity fixes me,
With one large eye,
And sizes me up,casts me away,
I am a misfit.

I do not belong,
Nor conform to newest trend-
Free mind not what sought,
But obeisance to the rules.

My life has meaning,
A glaring mistake,
My being a purpose,
So never shall I fit in.

As humanity's sea swells,
Further it sends me adrift,
No lifeline to anchor,
To restrain from its luring call.

There's no interest
In lives like mine,
Dull and burnished,
Dime a dozen.

This new gang,
Has no middle ground,
No sidewalk for balance,
Just a dusty,traversed road.

Idle chatter bores the mind,
Dulls the edge of the sword.
The mind has lost its throne,
As money talks.

Once you slip through,you'll fit in-
Into its kaleidoscope,
But the truth remains,that this world-
Is nowt but shards of glass.

Shilpa Iyer

Saturday, December 09, 2006

All new

I have often wondered about this..all over the place..people around me seem bored, frustrated that the life they have is not quite the life they wanted....ordered it seems! I wonder whether they possess enough intelligence to fathom what they actually want from life, and whether they actually have it all , but just havent seen it yet...Met a couple of people today who go about their lives as though the very thought of living another day in their own skin gives them the creeps.Maybe it does....Why do they try to be somone they arent? what do they want to achieve? It seems to me that no one ..and I totally begin with including myself have a clue how life will turn out eventually why beat yourself over the head, go blue in the face trying to fit it into ur perfect scheme , when maybe life just has another way.A friend of mine...pretty wise me thinks said that perhaps the only truth of life that one needs to accept is existence....hmmmm....well take a bow....i believe its true...tht and death are the only things for sure.So why bother....why ruin wht is for wht might be ? .....What hope does one have for a good life, if they cant be happy with how things are now, as they are...not wishing for more days in the sun..or bein taller...or shortet..or having green hair or something...its a thought....a beggining...heres to a beggining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

A diamond in the rough

This is about a child I used to see on my way to Fergusson each morning. Theres something about that look in his will forever haunt me......

Poverty's own child,
Stared me in the face,
He took a shuddering gasp,
And beagn to wail.

His life song it seemed,
So hanuting , so chilling,
Yet child-like he remains,
Still with hope of a new day.

No place to call home,
No life to call his own,
No one;
No where.

He is poverty's own,
Ruined and tattered,
Begging with the affluent,
For dignity and peace.

A dictator rules his day,
Hunger mars his night,
Intoxicating emptiness:
And dreams die a natural death.

A ray of hope,
Alight in each person.
But they pass him by-
And he waits again.

His despair is mounting;
His rage deepens,
Life loses meaning,
Should crime seduce him ?

Wretched life,
Teases him on-
Snarled abuses,
His only music.

He amuses himself,
Talks to his begging bowl,
Whistles a rusty tune,
Plays with the dust.

Body covered in sores,
Injuries paint his skin,
Some aquired; others inflicted-
How long before his soul dies ?

No dignity-
No company-
No space to grow,
No air to breathe.

All that he can call his own-
Is Misery.
- shilpa iyer

Homo sapiens sapiens : Self proclaimed keeper of the Universe

Who said we are supreme?
Who says that we were destined to rule this world?
Who deemed us worthy ?

All we seem fit; to kill and ravage,
No culture there- a masquerade,
Tears of blood , a rivulet, a river at last
A holocaust .
Never a step forward,in landmines we sink,

I have watched demolition,
And the rape of an angel,
I have seen seething rage
I have seen mangled bone.

Who says that we are the keepers of this universe? What then have we achieved that we brag so? We have caused the death and destruction of ancient civilisations. The modern man is a shame, a throw back to evolution in all its glory.We are the depth to which the process has sunk, from here will spring new hope .It will begin with the destruction of this race as we know it. Where are we going ? Where is the culture that we are so proud of ? How much longer before the earth is no longer inhabitable ? The arrival of modern man has harkened the end. An end that is long overdue. And end that will allow for new begginning.In each sphere that we are part, we have left our terrbile black mark.All we touch , is like gold to stone.
There is no pristine beauty
There are no innocents.
There are no motiveless smiles.
There is no harmless help.
There is no peacful sleep.
There is no peacful life.
There is no peacful death.

We havent left anything to chance. Who knows if our next generations will be as adept as us ? How can we trust them with this our task, Destruction of the universe.

The need to belong ?

Somewhere along the path we have lost our ability to believe and survive by ourself.why do we need people to always tell us that what we are doing has justification? Is'nt that something that you can validate for yourself? And what makes you so sure that just having someone else say that it is ..makes it just so!
I cant figure it out..where did this ' lost sheep ' become less of a metaphor , more a reality.Where have we lost our sense of self? In this race to be the best , have we forgotten the basic qualities that define us , as individuals? Is that a reason that vice and violence is on the rise? Vice; because that gives us a belonging , a clan to follow(misled though they be ) and violence to vent rage when we feel like we arent approved. Although most will probably think that they are not victim to this..Its something I feel , that while humans have evolved to what we believe is the pinnacle of evolution, we have lost all the animal instinct and primal skill that defines all those beings lower on the evolution scale.( and in my opinion far ahead on every other count ) We have lost our ability to be live in solitude,needing constant support from another just as weak as us!
Why do we seek company?