Thursday, November 11, 2010

My mother's daughter

Mommy was here visiting me for a few weeks.Now don't get me wrong, she isn't loud or bossy, aggressive or dominating ...although that does sound like someone lovable we all know..But I digress...Without her, my house is so quiet, so empty and just a little less welcoming.Having mom here, was almost like having a slice of home and childhood brought to me.

Mothers and daughters...a wonderfully done-to-death topic. The fights are legendary, the competition ageless, exacting expectations boundless and the love ...endless. Mom has been through so much. So much sacrifice, such struggle, many many tears she has wiped away whilst hiding her own from me. Mommy is both my gentle and delicate person to be protected and also my rock when I am weak. From her, perhaps I might learn someday of selfless love.

She and I have had a journey....oh! and what a journey...Six flags will pale in comparison to our rollercoaster. Today I am a little older, a little calmer and fervently hoping, a little wiser...I understand her better today.I understand that she and I are different people, more importantly I realise that that is okay. I enjoy this new turn of the ride...

Often people say their mom is their best friend....I beg to differ.I don't want to compress and force this wonderfully new relationship into a slot with an existing tag..

Today....I am happy being my mother's daughter.