Friday, June 19, 2009

Fading away...

A voice breaks my reverie;
One that I've heard before,
Not startled,
They grow louder , more calming.

I flip a page,
Back to years ago-
To a haunting memory, a smiling face,
Etched forever in time.

I am so alone
My thoughts echo unbearably
In my loneliness I allow-
An indulgent hallucination.

I dream I was there
Part of forbidden conversation,
Now I am in so deep -
I can't get back.

Comfort so ethereal,
Surrounded by ghosts of the past,
An outstretched hand-
All but tendrils of smoke.

A distinct memory;
Begins to evanesce,
My darkest desire,
Hovers; just out reach.

An eyelid flutters
A gaze cast out the window,
A wisp of white
Dazzles by....

The ghosts come a - haunting
I know you will let them stay.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The day time stood stil.....

It's the 19th of June....

20th of June last year , daddy was diagnosed with cancer..

This year..he has been gone two months.

Maybe if I could have stopped time , held the day forever..I would never have lost him..

Never have had to know life without him..

Does it matter now....

All that remains....Ash, cold ash...and to earth returned.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jungle Law..

A long muddy trail
Leaves painted with dust
Scorched earth; and today -
Blessed with rain.

One prowling eye,
A starving cub,
One leaping Impala-
A bloodied carcass ,a feast.

Mist shrouds the night
The sun bakes the day
Nothing here is constant
Nothing but change.

A lone pugmark marks the soil,
A single Leopard crouches low,
One lone pachyderm arrives,
Leaves, nothing for miles.

A fish eagle soars the sky,
One beady eye fixed on food.
A piercing wail-
A bird calls from a ghost tree.

A skull decorates the grass.
A crocodile aches for body warmth.

All who walk here,
Walk alone.