Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Change of the Subconcious

Plumes of mist rise unwaveringly to block all vision.Tendrils of smoke adorn a now grey backdrop.An echo of footstep be all that pierces the misty envelope.Bravely they trudge on,unfaltering ; on the ground that leads.Darkness hunts, never more a realm beyond.Its wild steed galloping further,pre- setting darknes. A sliver of light attempts the crossover.Valiant though, to weak to try.As wisps gather, a shaft to form,breakdown of total darkness.Preternatural phenomenon awakens.
Magically there is a clarity of never before.Logical thought now a possiblity.All paths be illumined, their each pitfall focused and its danfer conceived.This crstyal world takes leave, short be the stay of radiance.
The dark knight sweeps in, and cloaks the path to rest.Mist returns , and once more, the esoteric faith prevails.
And so the cycle repeats, dark and light with alternate intensity.Much like day and night, differed though length of stay unknown , benefit of each undefinable.The past and future must reconcile , to unravel the mysteries that loom.
As I look back, empty, it has dissolved, a void to replace.
The past looks no clearer than the future, the future as hazy as the past.
And only the present holds eternal truth.

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