Saturday, March 10, 2007

Species Supreme !!!!!!

So I recently read this great book called ' Marley and Me' .For the uninitiated , this book is an ode to the cutest, most disobedient and hyperactive ( or what is it they call it euphemistically, energetic and eager to explore ? ) labrador called Marley. It is an entertaining , extremely engrossing account of this mutt's life and the people he touched....willing or un-willing subjects they may be ! The end tugs at your heart strings....and the book does wonderful justice to a dog I am sure was every bit as special as author John Grogan makes him out to be.
This book sent me spiralling back in time.I have had two dogs previously and currently am the proud owner of Rufus, also special in a whimsical,crazy sort of way.
Ceasar was my first dog.He was a purebred, proud German Shepard Dog.Puppy Ceasar had more likeness of a bearcub and he was an adorable dog.He grew to adolescent puppyhood quick as is the way with most pups.These months were buried under a slew of half eaten slippers and chewed on water pipes ! He worked with single minded attention and returned most of our favourite possessions in a slightly varied form, with his own special designer touch thrown in for good measure.Ceasar was my companion on digging endeavours , he loved to excavate.With tail wagging furiously and intermittent barks he dug neat , big holes...not that my parents were thrilled or anything! He was the most loyal friend, and when I stepped out just for a second, he assumed guard at the gate, giving me a once over when I walked back in.I loved that furry mutt.Shadow was the next furry addition to our family.I remember the day we brought Shadow home, Ceasar looked at me as though saying,"Him ? are you sure, he looks kinda slimy ! " Well they got along famously , By that I mean , their fights were famous , almost book your seats , beat your way into the first row kinda famour fights! Shadow was day if Ceasar was night.We couldnt have had two more contrasting carricatures if we had had them ordered! Where Shadow loved attention , Ceasar was content with the ocassional pat.Where Ceasar was the ultimate guard dog, Shadow much will this attack cost me ....will I get hurt in the process? Ceasar lived his life to serve and to please..Shadow lived on his terms.They completed our family .Sadly, Ceasar developed hind quarter weakness a disorder that often plagues dogs of that breed and size.Medication couldnt lessen his pain...and we couldn't see our loyal friend suffer this way.In the most painful decision that I have been part of, we had him put to sleep.I still cant forget the way he came to me when I called him, lay down beside me...he even resisted the first dose of the anaesthetic.The vet told me that dogs have an extremely acute sense of attachment and that I should let go..not touch him.Like a call from the heavens, the minute I let go, he did too.I couldnt believe he was gone.Shadow was another dog altogether.He went for a walk in the evening, came home, barked at some kids at night.He lay down at night and passed away during the wee hours of the morning, alone and on his own terms.I will never completely get over the loss of Shadow.He was my mirror, my constant companion...I love him!
Misty eyed and wan smile light my face....I look up at my present prince...Rufus.A nicer dog you cannot find.He has the disposition of an angel and totally adores people, biscuits and snooze time not necessarily in that order.When Shadow passes away I told myself I wouldnt get attached to another dog.But looking at Rufus' lazy , content face , I smile.Its soo worth it!


Sharad said...

Spot on Shilpa! I loved those dogs too, and your reminisces have really brought out their characters, and got me thinking about them.


Mosilager said...

Don't know what I'd do if GingaBoo have to be put down. At least you still have Rufus.

isha said...

hey loved ur thread...well, it reminded me of my cat...mickey... :)

Chaitali said...

hey this is really good!