Sunday, November 25, 2007

Little spoken words.....

As daylight fades-
A purple sky wraps the night,
Each twinkling star, a lullaby-
A tranquil crescent over to watch.

The first rays bring-
Life to new hues,
Fiery reds melt to honey yellows-
Fall rides in a beauty queen.

The cold grey stone,
Draped in colour now,
Ethereal and transient,
This season's song.

With the turn of the clock-
The flurries drift in,
And snuggled into a dove-like blanket,
Our own December.

Soon a monochrome
Will paint the land,
And in this hushed silence-
Souls will meet.



mosilager said...

love the monochrome paint stanza... wonderful imagery

didactylos said...

i'll second that