Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A breath.. too short

Another restless night,
Hopeless wondering,
Faithless musing;
And all for naught.

A broken dream,
Each painful day,
A shard of sparkling glass.

Vibrant colours dance together,
Each part a part of a whole,
So tightly woven, so strongly bound,
One gaping hole to haunt.

Each passing dawn,
Each weeping dusk,
Drags me forward,
But my spirit stayed with that day.

Walking on diamonds,
So lucky, so charmed,
But I walk alone.

A sunset beckons,
Dawn of a new decade,
I want to carry you on,
And I don't know how.

1 comment:

Aneesh Sathe said...

Glad to see you writing again. Even better to see that none of the skill has been lost :)