Thursday, January 26, 2006

Homo sapiens sapiens : Self proclaimed keeper of the Universe

Who said we are supreme?
Who says that we were destined to rule this world?
Who deemed us worthy ?

All we seem fit; to kill and ravage,
No culture there- a masquerade,
Tears of blood , a rivulet, a river at last
A holocaust .
Never a step forward,in landmines we sink,

I have watched demolition,
And the rape of an angel,
I have seen seething rage
I have seen mangled bone.

Who says that we are the keepers of this universe? What then have we achieved that we brag so? We have caused the death and destruction of ancient civilisations. The modern man is a shame, a throw back to evolution in all its glory.We are the depth to which the process has sunk, from here will spring new hope .It will begin with the destruction of this race as we know it. Where are we going ? Where is the culture that we are so proud of ? How much longer before the earth is no longer inhabitable ? The arrival of modern man has harkened the end. An end that is long overdue. And end that will allow for new begginning.In each sphere that we are part, we have left our terrbile black mark.All we touch , is like gold to stone.
There is no pristine beauty
There are no innocents.
There are no motiveless smiles.
There is no harmless help.
There is no peacful sleep.
There is no peacful life.
There is no peacful death.

We havent left anything to chance. Who knows if our next generations will be as adept as us ? How can we trust them with this our task, Destruction of the universe.

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