Thursday, January 26, 2006

The need to belong ?

Somewhere along the path we have lost our ability to believe and survive by ourself.why do we need people to always tell us that what we are doing has justification? Is'nt that something that you can validate for yourself? And what makes you so sure that just having someone else say that it is ..makes it just so!
I cant figure it out..where did this ' lost sheep ' become less of a metaphor , more a reality.Where have we lost our sense of self? In this race to be the best , have we forgotten the basic qualities that define us , as individuals? Is that a reason that vice and violence is on the rise? Vice; because that gives us a belonging , a clan to follow(misled though they be ) and violence to vent rage when we feel like we arent approved. Although most will probably think that they are not victim to this..Its something I feel , that while humans have evolved to what we believe is the pinnacle of evolution, we have lost all the animal instinct and primal skill that defines all those beings lower on the evolution scale.( and in my opinion far ahead on every other count ) We have lost our ability to be live in solitude,needing constant support from another just as weak as us!
Why do we seek company?

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ledzep said...

u hav an incorrect notion about living in solitude, man has never been so independent
he has always seeked companionship and help from his peers
even animals live in groups, look at the cat family, the ape family
exceptions are always there of course