Saturday, January 26, 2008

A lone flame in the darkness,
A lone star on a dark night
A lone sun ray in a cloudy storm
A lone flower among the thorns
A lone raindrop in a desert
A lone leaf;dancing on a nude tree,
A lone snowflake on a clear wintry day,
A lone cloud in a clear blue sky
A lone smile among the frowns
A lone hero among the sell-outs
A lone thought in the midst of vaccuum,
A loner glimmer of hope among despair-
A lone newborn in a cold graveyard
A lone true love amongst sadistic hatred
A lone laugh among the wail of pain
A lone carress among raining blows

A quick moment stolen in this maze
Just to reflect
That even on the darkest night
A star still struggles to brighten the sky
There's always hope
No fear in being a lone warrior
Life is beautiful
A lone breath,
Even if its in a cemetry

Shilpa iyer

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