Saturday, January 26, 2008

Memories of a man

Since so long ago,
When innocence cushioned my thoughts,
My beady eye remained fixed-
On his lovely prized ring

Its thick gold band
Circled his patriarchal finger
And its large sapphire
Shone a mercurial blue.

It proved its mettle,
Rallied as a source of strength
It lost its twin along the way-
And was escorted to solitude

And he saw happy times,
Reward of values instilled
And new bonds forged
With those of old.

But the descent began-
He crumbled rapidly
And in days rendered
The shadow of a man

Finally truce was called,
And his cold body lay in peace.

And as we huddled
Around the fire
The heat of the funeral pyre-
Dried the tears off my face.

The billowing fire calmed,
Its smoke carried his voice to the heavens-
And there on the ground , lay his sapphire,
Nestled among the ash.

Shilpa Iyer

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