Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So I now live in Lusaka....Its a quiet place with a relaxed pace to life.The president passed away ( of Zambia, not Zimbabwe! ) So there was a long period of mourning...that ended to coincide with my returning to here!

We spend our time every day at CIDRZ( Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia).Just behind our office is a morgue.As should be the case with every office!..This morning there were a group of ladies singing loudly and all together , standing in the courtyard of the morgue.I spent ten minutes quizzically looking around for the source of the sound, and a friend here in lab was convinced it was the radio.However, once we looked beyond the windows of the office, there they were ,colour co-ordinated and everything.

So maybe they are here to celebrate death ? To remind us that it is in everyone's future...and is freedom of an ultimate kind.Not that different from some customs that exist in India.There is a lot to experience here,culturally. All you need do, is keep your eyes..and perhaps your ears open too.


Mosilager said...

Moksha and all... it's a good thing to celebrate. Wish I knew what they were singing.

shilpa said...

Yeah me too..I wish I understood ...Nyanja? Well I guess it is something worth celebrating..eternal freedom?