Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Unanswered Questions..

So many people tell me that daddy hasn't really gone anywhere..he is with me.. and will be always.If you're here daddy, here are some things I have been wondering....

Where are you now daddy?

Why did you leave me without saying Good Bye ?

Is there any pain now daddy?

I can't believe he is gone..I can't believe that my life with him is over..I can't believe I am no one's 'princess' no one to call me ' noisy girl'....I miss you daddy.....

Do you think I should really get my PhD daddy?

Is there 'special dahi sev puri' where you are? Have you told them you like it 'theekha' ...?

Who do you walk with now daddy?

So many unfinished ideas....so many dreams...shattered...the pieces surround me

Your spectacles are still here...can you see clearly daddy?

Do you get su-doku puzzles where you are?

Do you still snore at night daddy ?

So many unfinished conversations...so many 'I love yous' left unsaid....so many minutes more I wish we had...

How do I go on from here daddy ?

Do you still remember me ?

Is it ok to continue living without you ?

Can I come join you daddy ?


Crizzie Criz! said...

I wrote different comments several times and deleted them all. Somehow, i know that anything I say would not make much of a difference. Please do know that there are people who all wish you well and think about you.


chaitra said...

Take care Shilpa,
He wants you to definitely go on and achieve all those dreams you both dreamt of when he was there.. This is for sure.. Do all those things which he would want you to do..!

Chaitali said...

hear his voice in your heart Shilpa...close your eyes and sense him...you will get all the answers and will calm you down.
Take care

shilpa said...

Thanks everyone for the comments...It means alot to me