Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jungle Law..

A long muddy trail
Leaves painted with dust
Scorched earth; and today -
Blessed with rain.

One prowling eye,
A starving cub,
One leaping Impala-
A bloodied carcass ,a feast.

Mist shrouds the night
The sun bakes the day
Nothing here is constant
Nothing but change.

A lone pugmark marks the soil,
A single Leopard crouches low,
One lone pachyderm arrives,
Leaves, nothing for miles.

A fish eagle soars the sky,
One beady eye fixed on food.
A piercing wail-
A bird calls from a ghost tree.

A skull decorates the grass.
A crocodile aches for body warmth.

All who walk here,
Walk alone.


Mosilager said...

So true... you have such a wonderful way of expressing yourself. Please keep writing.

dhanashree said...

feels like i am right there....alone......


Anjana Talapatra said...

Beautiful. That was a very vivid picture you painted.

Ravana said...

Souds smells n feels like Africa! my most loved land! read thru the hands of wilbur smith