Friday, June 19, 2009

Fading away...

A voice breaks my reverie;
One that I've heard before,
Not startled,
They grow louder , more calming.

I flip a page,
Back to years ago-
To a haunting memory, a smiling face,
Etched forever in time.

I am so alone
My thoughts echo unbearably
In my loneliness I allow-
An indulgent hallucination.

I dream I was there
Part of forbidden conversation,
Now I am in so deep -
I can't get back.

Comfort so ethereal,
Surrounded by ghosts of the past,
An outstretched hand-
All but tendrils of smoke.

A distinct memory;
Begins to evanesce,
My darkest desire,
Hovers; just out reach.

An eyelid flutters
A gaze cast out the window,
A wisp of white
Dazzles by....

The ghosts come a - haunting
I know you will let them stay.


Sowmya said...

This is beautiful Shilpa. Plain beautiful.

Parikshith Kumar said...

Serene poetry... Very soulfully writtten

Good one!

Aneesh said...

:) i luuuuuuve ur writes!

Cynic in Wonderland said...


shilpa said...

Som - Thanks a lot..

Parikshith - Thank you.

Aneesh..Thank you sir!

Cyn- high praise!