Saturday, December 09, 2006

All new

I have often wondered about this..all over the place..people around me seem bored, frustrated that the life they have is not quite the life they wanted....ordered it seems! I wonder whether they possess enough intelligence to fathom what they actually want from life, and whether they actually have it all , but just havent seen it yet...Met a couple of people today who go about their lives as though the very thought of living another day in their own skin gives them the creeps.Maybe it does....Why do they try to be somone they arent? what do they want to achieve? It seems to me that no one ..and I totally begin with including myself have a clue how life will turn out eventually why beat yourself over the head, go blue in the face trying to fit it into ur perfect scheme , when maybe life just has another way.A friend of mine...pretty wise me thinks said that perhaps the only truth of life that one needs to accept is existence....hmmmm....well take a bow....i believe its true...tht and death are the only things for sure.So why bother....why ruin wht is for wht might be ? .....What hope does one have for a good life, if they cant be happy with how things are now, as they are...not wishing for more days in the sun..or bein taller...or shortet..or having green hair or something...its a thought....a beggining...heres to a beggining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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