Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rising above the crowd!

Humanity fixes me,
With one large eye,
And sizes me up,casts me away,
I am a misfit.

I do not belong,
Nor conform to newest trend-
Free mind not what sought,
But obeisance to the rules.

My life has meaning,
A glaring mistake,
My being a purpose,
So never shall I fit in.

As humanity's sea swells,
Further it sends me adrift,
No lifeline to anchor,
To restrain from its luring call.

There's no interest
In lives like mine,
Dull and burnished,
Dime a dozen.

This new gang,
Has no middle ground,
No sidewalk for balance,
Just a dusty,traversed road.

Idle chatter bores the mind,
Dulls the edge of the sword.
The mind has lost its throne,
As money talks.

Once you slip through,you'll fit in-
Into its kaleidoscope,
But the truth remains,that this world-
Is nowt but shards of glass.

Shilpa Iyer

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