Thursday, December 21, 2006


Each mortal succumbs to sleep,
And as the last eye shuts,
I come alive,
My duty calls.

Each dream they live,
I collect them all,
Each vision they yearn,
I note each one.

By and by, I float-
Tenderly picking each dream,
Along with its swirling mist,
Encased in Silver envelope.

Dreams that sustain our hope,
Dreams that we live for,
Dreams that we close our eyes for-
To live them through,each night.

I know them all,
I own each one,
Each at my mercy,
But safe in my arms.

I live through each one,
But altered,
So that each my come true-
I return them,to their dreamers.

Shilpa iyer

1 comment:

pareshv22 said...

exclusive piece of natural thinking ..... well dreaming is always gud and working practically when we are wide awake to achieve it , is something which i myself cherish.
It was nice to go thru all of the others but i found this is uprooted , keep going .....

with regards