Monday, November 03, 2008

Hotel Lusaka.....( What are you waiting for...come visit!!! ) me and Mosi...just came off a nice,long lazy weekend ( what another one? ) Anyway..two virologists cooped in a room, no viruses to tinker with,no lab to play in, no chemicals to start a fire with...Give us a break..we had to do something 'Creative' !!!!!!! Here goes....

Hotel Lusaka ( sing to the tune of 'Hotel California'...duh!! )

On the Long Great East highway,
Lots of dust in my hair,
Warm smell of Nshima,
Rising up through the air.

Up ahead in the distance,
I saw the usual sight,
Four minibuses caused a traffic jam,
I had to stop for the light.

There he stood on the roadway,
With talk-time to sell,
I was thinking to myself,
Do I need MTN or Celtel?

Then he lit up a candle,
And he began to sway,
Oliver Tukutzi playing in my car,
Thought I heard them say...

Welcome to the Hotel Lusaka,
Such a lovely place,Such a lovely place,
There's hardly any room at the Hotel Lusaka,
Any time of year,
Unless you have money, my dear.

Now she works at Immigration,
She's got a Mercedes Benz,
She's got a lot of pretty,pretty toys
From the Asians she befriends.

Some Work in Luanshya,
Down in the copper mines,
Some work in Lusaka,
For when we want to dine.

So I called the waiter,
"Please bring me my wine",
He said,
"There's a guy waiting for his food,
Since 1969 ".

And hungry voices are calling from far away,
Wake you up in the middle of the night,
Just to hear them say..

Welcome to .. ( chorus)

Cracks in the ceiling,
Rooms overrun by mice,
She said,
We are doing our best here
But the management lies.

And in the boss' chambers,
Gathered for the meet,
The power blew with no warning,
They couldn't see the Excel sheet.

Last thing I remember,
Is fumbling for the door,
I had to find some sanity,
In the place I was before.

"Good night", said Facilites,
We are away on leave,
"You can order any time you like,
But you'll never receive."

And still those voices are calling from far away,
Wake you up in the middle of the night,
Just to hear them say.

Welcome to... ( chorus)

Another edition of TIA folks.....I promise as long as I'm here...the "hits just keep on coming!"

So....instead of doing HIV research..maybe I can get a CD together .Here's one of my favourites...( from Mosi's blog).. and the other one I did...3 to a CD..probably not...But there's plenty of inspiration here!


Aneesh said...


i've actually memorized the words and am confusing my lab-mates to no end


Anali said...

Ha! That's great! I guess the service is a bit lacking in that place?

padma koutha said...

Beautifully done Shilps,its actually funny in a very sad and endearing way

HellBound but Still Divine aka Alok Joglekar said...

awesome !! nice work..

Cynic in Wonderland said...

this is very, VERY good.

tanvi said...

loved loved loved it.... quite the use of time i must say !!! muaaaaaaaah

Action said...

two virologists cooped in a room in a lazy weekend with no work..and u come up with a song!??!?! iyeru! u still
havent changed or wat?! gift ellam use acha illaya?! nice btw!!

Angry African said...

Brilliant! Just brilliant! Tell me, that girl from Immigration - does she hang out at the Green Frog? I am sure I have seen her there a few times already. Sometimes she drives a BMW. Actually, I got a lift from her once, but had to run when the car stopped. But that is a story for another day. Last thing though - that Green Frog, have you noticed that it doesn't look like a frog? It looks more like a gecko.

shilpa said...

Aneesh...Thanks a ton!!!Great I take it I can put you down for the CD ?

Anali...Thanks so much...haha yes the service is aimed at developing patience.

Padma...Thanks a bunch girlie!Life here has taught me quite a bit!! In addition to try and make light of the annoying is obvious with this post eh?

Alok..thanks a lot...

Cynic...Great to see you back!...Thanks for the encouragement!!

Tanvi..Thanks a lot...yes free time translates into 'creative' usage of time ( oopsss!)

AXN....da finally online!!!Haha..yes do remember me right? LAzy weekend...pent up energy..of course song writing is the only outlet ;) ...hmm gifts ellam..ahem ahem

AngryAfrican...Great to see you here!Thanks for the comment...
The girl from Imm..well she's trying to buy the Green frog last I heard!! haha...Car stopped because the alarm sounded? Hmm..stolen car trouble!So me and Mosi..must head out to the Green talk of it so much!!!

Sudhaushu said...

and...the sarcasm flows....
You have really done it this time. Shilpa!!
Weird-Al ...out of business!!

Scarecrow said...

u can put me down for the CD....
in exchange for monopoly money.. :P

shilpa said...

Sudh..Thanks a million buddy!!That's high praise!!! Very encouraging.also Immense pressure for any future blogposts eh...Sorry Wierd Al...

Scarecrow..Thanks a lot for the comment!Haha...terrible.toy money that's all my talent is worth..maybe I should take to crooning in the streets..what say?

Ashwin Kelkar said...

HA HA HA !! THIS US AWESOME !!! way to go.. zambia has given you a wonderful creative streak !!! waaaaaayyy toooo goood...
keep it up and we want more...

shilpa said...

Ashwin...thanks a ton !!! Creative streak was always there....this place provides necessary inspiration and enjoyable power cuts!!!!
Thanks a lot for the praise!! So can I put you down to a CD too?

Aneesh said...

yeah! put me down for the CD and unlike "certain other ppl" i will pay you real money for it...

shilpa said...

hey Aneesh..thanks man! I wonder if 'certain other people' will rise to bait? Haha the way my voice sounds right now...I don't blame you if you change your mind though

mosilager said...

hahaha good one, Iyer. and so true...

shilpa said...

Thanks Warrier..ahh TIA!!! Thanks for being my sounding always!

Scarecrow said...

As they say, "A fool and his money are soon parted"...:)
Lets see if the baiters get baited.

shilpa said...

Scarecrow..don't you go baiting my loyal (read cd-buying) fans!!!!

Hetal said...

amazing composition, Shilpa!
...nice to know this hidden side of you!!