Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another day in Paradise..

Having lived here for a little over three months..hardly makes me an expert on Lusaka.But..I do have a lot of time on my hands..since Immigration refuses to give me a work permit..and obviously hires snails as go betweens in all their offices.Perhaps this is a good strategy..I threaten to continue writing till my permit is sanctioned....Man behind counter number 11..are you listening...Maybe I should sing too..??

( Sing to tune of Another day in Paradise, Phil Collins )

She calls out to the man at the bench
Sir can you help me?
I've been waiting all day for my lunch
Is there someone who can serve me?

He walks on , doesn't look back
Pretends he cant hear too,
Smiles and talks to the girl at the bar
Forgets to bring back a menu

Oh think twice, its another day for
You and me in Paradise
oh think twice, its just another day for you
You and me in Paradise.

She calls out to the man on the phone
He thinks she's been crying
The line starts to crackle and die down
She can't hear,but she's trying.

Oh think twice.....

Oh Sata,is there nothing more anybody can do,
Oh Banda there must be something you can say

You can tell from the look on his face
You can see you'll be back again
Probably didn't fit any of the tires right
oh you know its a trip again.

Oh think twice....


mosilager said...


shilpa said...

Hehe..thanks Mosi..and of course thanks for the inspiration!!!

Sudhaushu said...

"Lolz" squared!!
u give wierd-al-yankovic a run....

shilpa said...

Hehe thanks Sudh...Yankovic's the man!!! That's high praise!!!!! Thanks a ton!!

Ashwin Kelkar said...

he he he... sorry but i did find this funny.. :D but i can understand the pain..
but wasn't it you who said... TIA ?? ;)

shilpa said...

Ashwin...no worries..it was suposed to be funny! but the angst is real!!!
You bet I said TIA..and again with a shake of the head..I repeat it!