Thursday, October 02, 2008

Switching Dwarf Identities!

So yesterday I switched dwarf identities.Not only to mean that I traded in my brown two-tone tunic with a yellow cap for a yellow brown tunic.Of course I'm skipping over the long beard and white hair at this point..Shhhh.Naah..I came down with a nasty cold! So having said..I went from lovable rotund Happy to trying-to-stifle-a sneeze Sneezy ( albeit sadly, still rotund!)

Of course ,come morning,I felt like a ton of bricks had landed on my still peacefully prostrate form.And that the energy had been sucked straight out of my sneezing self.Well , what to do? But go back to sleep...having said,I waved a Grumpy bye to Dr.Mosi( tunic hence changed to red)..and flopped over and went back to sleep.Sore throat and aching eyes were soon to follow.Lest I was missing their august presence.I snored a tune ...literally sang myself to sleep.

Later that morning...said Mosi smsed me to see how I was doing...I felt a twinge of annoyance.How come he gets to be outdoors...enjoying the dust-laden air, and the scorching sun ? While I'm stuck at home...wrapped in a paisley sheet? How do dogs do it? How do they manage to look so happy when their pets ( read for us ,of exalted ego..Masters ! ) come home.I bet sleeping on the couch doesn't compare to rushing headfirst down a rabbit hole? I am sure everyone is relieved to know,I am back on my feet...Back to blogging..back to appearing normal...Hmm all manner of blurry eyes,croaking throat and bulbous nose forgotten! Quite a tiring day....Switching three identities in one this I pause ,visions of grandiose as I imagine myself as greatest spy/secret agent ever!Anyway...fertile imagination sated for the day...I log off...Back to being Happy,in a land far far away....and for a long long time!!!


Mosilager said...

Awww, poor thing. Sorry about the sms. you were definitely better off inside. it was a very hot day... and very dusty.

rest - the best cure

shilpa said...

hehe..thanks.I was just appealing to your caring side! And just grumbling in general!...Sorry about the dust and sun!!!! I am better now...yipeeee