Friday, April 03, 2009

A leap of faith!

So I just re-visited pictures from a trip to Livingstone...Of my Bungee jumping adventure and the rush of freedom that I felt with it..It kicked up a thought process...that translated into this..

A chance meeting,
A sudden decision,
One thin bridge -
Forged over rumbling waters.

A brief training,
One single instructor
5 terrifying moments-
One deep breath.

A question of faith,
A tremble of future,
One binding rope,
One lifeline!

A walk to the edge,
A glance down the gorge,
A robust countdown-
A leap of faith.

One weightless moment,
A downward hurtle,
An anxious prayer,
And the cord jerks!

Hanging by my feet,
The world is upside down,
A new beauty-
A breath of life!

I'd do this again....I did...This is how I met you Mosi!



Cynic in Wonderland said...

hows your dad?

Anonymous said...

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